WHO Launched Health Alert Chatbot in Messenger for COVID-19 Pandemic

WHO Launched Health Alert Chatbot in Messenger for COVID-19


WHO Health Alert Chatbot in Messenger 

To aware and provide better & accurate inform to the world about COVID-19, the WHO(World Health Organization) has launched a Facebook Messenger version of its WHO Health Alert platform. This Health Alert interactive service serves immediate and correct information regarding COVID-19 with the help of Universal platform – Facebook.

From the WHO’s Official Facebook Page , you can be accessed The WHO’s Health Chatbot service. You can also simply click on the Messenger icon available on the page. Here, users can click on the “Send Message” button and the chatbot will open up on Messenger or through the dedicated Messenger link.

 The WHO COVID-19 chatbot is available in the three languages – English, Spanish and Arabic. Very soon It will be available in more languages.

WHO has already share Health Alert service via WhatsApp to 12+ Million peoples in public interest.

In many regions hit hardest by COVID-19, total messaging through Facebook’s family of apps has increased by more than 50%. With this transition into Facebook Messenger, and other communication channels related to it, WHO Health Alert has the potential to reach 4.2 billion people – helping people protect themselves from COVID-19, prevent its spread, and understand the facts related to the disease.

Similar to how the chatbot works on WhatsApp, users will be presented with a series of options like the latest numbers, Mythbusters, travel advice and more. Users have to reply with the number allotted for the query and receive updates on the same. The latest WHO chatbot is among a bunch of COVID-19 chatbots launched by the government and health agencies.

The chatbot was developed in collaboration with Sprinkle, as a part of the WHO Technology for COVID-19 Initiative, a pro-bono collaboration of technology companies brought together by WHO specifically to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WHO Health Alert was developed in partnership with Praekelt.Org, using Turn machine learning technology.

Source : WHO official website

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